TOP STORIES: Democracy – April 27, 2012

Public Opinion of Federal Government at 15-Year Low Romney Hires Santorum Campaign Manager *Young, Restless, and Not Voting *Cyber-security bill Cispa passes US House *Big Labor’s Big Moment

Public Opinion of Federal Government at 15-Year Low - Alexandra Jaffe, National Journal
Public opinion of the federal government is at a 15-year low, with only a third of Americans viewing it favorably, according to a new Pew survey…

Romney Hires Santorum Campaign Manager – National Journal
Presumptive Republican nominee Mitt Romney has brought on Mike Biundo, who managed rival Rick Santorum’s campaign, to help him win over conservative voters…

Young, Restless, and Not Voting - Clare Malone, American Prospect
Why do Millennials seem apathetic about the 2012 race?

Cyber-security bill Cispa passes US House - Staff, BBC
The US House of Representatives has passed a cyber-security bill amid a veto threat from President Barack Obama.. Critics of the congressional bill say its definition of ‘cyber threat’ is too vague

Big Labor’s Big Moment - Jonathan Allen & Robin Bravender, Politico
For years Big Labor has been looking small, but it doesn’t feel that way now.

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Analysis: The Big Clash - Ronald Brownstein, National Journal
The presidential race features two men with sharply divergent ideas about the economy, energy, regulation, and a raft of other topics involving the role of government in our lives.

A Choice, Not an Echo – Jim Tankersley, National Journal
President Obama and Mitt Romney have two very different philosophies about the role of government in the economy, as National Journal’s Jim Tankersley reports.

The Senate’s Scofflaw Democrats - Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL), Washington Times
It’s been three years since majority produced a legally required budget

Is Climate Change a 2012 Wedge Issue? - Alec MacGillis, The New Republic
One bit of Barack Obama’s recent interview with Rolling Stone has caused a little stir: He talked about climate change! After not mentioning it once in the 2011 SOTU

Billionaire-Backed Super PAC Is Election Game-Changer -  Clare O’Connor, Forbes
TV viewers can expect a deluge of anti-Obama spots in coming months. They’ll be even more slickly produced and targeted, and they’ll be unavoidable.

As California Collapses, Obama Follows Its Lead - Joel Kotkin, Daily Beast

The green jobs envisioned by California green-tech advocates, haven’t materialized, and there’s no reason to think that an Obama-led Federal initiative would succeed any better.

The Bush Factor and the 2012 Election - Steve Kornacki, Salon
Obama’s second-term hopes could depend on the man Republicans have made themselves forget

A Bush League President - Peggy Noonan, Wall Street Journal
Republicans are aggravated by Obama. They should cheer up. So is everyone else.

The GOP’s Hispanic Problem - Ronald Brownstein, National Journal
After alienating Hispanics, Mitt Romney needs to mend fences. Marco Rubio’s immigration plan could help.

Biden Slams Romney’s Foreign Policy - Mark Landler, New York Times
Vice President Joseph Biden trumpeted President Obama’s foreign-policy credentials Thursday night during a speech in New York, but his main intention seemed to be slamming presumptive Republican nominee Mitt Romney.