Hamas, Israel, Violence and Peace

As the cycle of violence flares again in the Middle East, we at The Common Good join the many voices calling for a rapid end to the violence.

Common ground must be found, such as the desire to raise children in an atmosphere free of violence, and we urge the parties to engage each other with dialogue in order to secure a lasting peace for future generations.

Here are a few discussions of the current situation, and we encourage you to comment below or via our contact page.

Hamas’s Illegitimacy

The New York Times, Editorial –  A call to Arab leaders to “stop ignoring the culpability of Hamas” in their rocketing of Israel, and to Israel to engage the Palestinian Authority in peace negotiations as the only way out of the current cycle of violence.

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 Seven Truths About Israel, Hamas and Violence

Bloomberg Op-Ed, Jeffrey Goldberg - There are many lies being told about the current conflict between Israel and Hamas. Here are seven things that are true.

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Gaza Crisis Poses Threat to Faction Favored by U.S.

The New York Times, Ethan Bronner – In the daily demonstrations here of solidarity with Gaza, a mix of sympathy and anguish, there is something else: growing identification with the Islamist fighters of Hamas and derision for the Palestinian Authority, which Washington considers the only viable partner for peace with Israel.

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