President Obama Visits Israel

Netanyahu and Obama

Ahead of President Obama’s visit to Israel, Marvin Kalb of Brookings discusses the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, Iran nuclear challenge, and Syria.…


Sexual Assault in the Military

Women serving in the military

During military service, 20 percent of women and 1 percent of men experience sexual trauma. Efforts underway to increase protections, but it MUST be addressed.…


Bipartisan Commission to Study Voting Reform

Voter Rights

Many US voters faced long lines and difficulty voting in 2012. To address the problem, President Obama has created a bipartisan commission to study voting problems and suggest Solutions.…


Obama State of the Union Agenda Itemized

Barack Obama 2013 State of the Union

President Obama’s State of the Union Address urged citizens to support his agenda on climate change, minimum wage increases, gun control, job creation, immigration reform, and educational programs. …


Obama State of the Union Address in Context

Obama State of the Union

Former Clinton speechwriter Michael Waldman talks about ways the State of the Union address has impacted US society and politics, along with key points to look for in President Obama’s speech tonight.…