We must change the American conversation. A strong democracy is based on an informed and active citizenry.  At the very minimum, our citizens should participate in the democratic process by voting – not leaving basic choices up to others – and by the honest, respectful and vigorous debate that leads to good choices.  America was built through the exercise of free speech and the protection of individual rights to assure a representative democracy.

The Breakdown of Civil Discourse is Putting America at Risk The strident tenor of discourse, hyper-partisanship and increased polarization in our public debate is a threat to our democracy as it has led to increased unwillingness to find common ground and a growing inability to address critical national problems and issues. The Common Good believes civil discourse that respects the facts as well as the reasonable opinions of others, and a willingness to work together, is essential for getting our nation back on track. With your help, The Common Good can promote the frank debate and the active participation of all Americans that has been our legacy and is our only hope for meeting the urgent challenges now facing America.

The Change Begins with You. Where there is hate, there needs to be a pushback.  Where people do not stand up for truth but perpetuate distortions and mis-information, they need to be called out. We must all fight for what’s right – because, in a great democracy, WE – all of us – are the government and each of us must do what we can to make a difference.

Join us in calling on every American citizen – leaders, voters, activists, journalists, commentators – to hold each other to a higher standard.