Michelle Paige

Michelle Paige

Former First Lady Michelle Paige has a M.S. in Health Services Management from the Milano Graduate School in New York City and a B.S. from Syracuse University.  Ms. Paige began a career that focused on people’s health by working with both hospitals and healthcare providers. As the Director of Integrative Wellness at Emblem Health, formerly […]

A photograph taken from Sanliurfa, Turkey, shows smoke rising from Kobani, Syria, following shelling during clashes between Islamic State and Kurdish armed groups today.

Islamic State Closes in on Syria’s Kobani as Kurds Resist

Kobani, Syria experiences military pressure from the Islamic State as Kurds attempt to resist intervention

President Barack Obama walks away from the podium after speaking at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in Atlanta on Sept. 16. (Pablo Martinez Monsivais/AP)

Three unacceptable threats to Obama’s security

Past TCG Speaker, John Capehart discusses potential reasons for mistrust of Secret Service following breaches at the White House

John McCain, second from top right, would likely be the Armed Services chair. | AP Photos

Senate committee chairmen in a GOP majority

A discussion of the senators in line to chair various committees should the GOP attain control of the Senate this Fall


Why Senate Control Matters

David Leonhardt of The New York Times explains how control of the Senate influences climate change, judicial appointments, and the overall future of the U.S.


The Battle For Your Brain

We’re partisans by nature, and once we pick a side we see the world in red or blue.


CNN Analyst: New ISIS Beheading Just ‘Guaranteed’ UK Cooperation in U.S. Campaign

Lt. Col. Rick Francona suggests that the beheading of a British aid worker will “galvanize the British population” to support military action against ISIS.

Behind the scene photo from September 11th, shared on Fleischer's twitter

George W. Bush’s Press Secretary Recounts Morning of Sept. 11 in Tweets

Former Press Secretary to George W. Bush sheds light on how social media would have influenced the reporting of the events of September 11th, 2001. In memoriam, 13 years later, Fleischer shares a detailed account of that day via twitter.

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